Rob Lydon

Candidate for US House of Representatives

California District 1

As a candidate for Congress in the information age, it is Rob Lydon's mission to provide a voice in government to all citizens utilizing today's technological platforms.

"I pledge that as a Representative 'of the people' I will act in accordance with the expressed will of the majority- Even when I might personally disagree!" Rob Lydon

Rob Lydon's Objectives

  • Maintain the house.gov website as a tool for the constituents to evaluate each legislative issue, and have petitions available for each issue.
  • Vote on legislative issues in accordance with the will of majority of the respondents from the district.
  • Maintain records of petition results and Representative vote for all bills and resolutions.
  • Actively solicit participation in the legislative process on an ongoing basis by means of electronic communication and a strong internet presence, as well as the traditional "town hall" meetings, personal appearances and phone/ mail contacts.